netstat -s统计输出的所有字段详细解释


这时,同事说netstat -us (–statistic)可以看到udp的丢包。这里的u选项指的是只展示udp相关的统计,s选项自然表示的是统计了。如果不用u选项,则出显示所有统计数据。下面是我的机器上的输出。

    203440255187 total packets received
    0 forwarded
    0 incoming packets discarded
    201612429535 incoming packets delivered
    1064529177 requests sent out
    15 fragments dropped after timeout
    3058122492 reassemblies required
    1230296840 packets reassembled ok
    15 packet reassembles failed
    14869220 ICMP messages received
    3965512 input ICMP message failed.
    ICMP input histogram:
        destination unreachable: 6054246
        timeout in transit: 687
        echo requests: 8570532
        echo replies: 243755
    12913011 ICMP messages sent
    0 ICMP messages failed
    ICMP output histogram:
        destination unreachable: 4097869
        time exceeded: 5
        echo request: 244605
        echo replies: 8570532
        InType0: 243755
        InType3: 6054246
        InType8: 8570532
        InType11: 687
        OutType0: 8570532
        OutType3: 4097869
        OutType8: 244605
        OutType11: 5
    111681768 active connections openings
    4186820 passive connection openings
    24951865 failed connection attempts
    55064041 connection resets received
    275 connections established
    1033901799 segments received
    1776166765 segments send out
    12156205 segments retransmited
    6705 bad segments received.
    106348033 resets sent
    198894689917 packets received
    472986510 packets to unknown port received.
    1146976531 packet receive errors
    116750744 packets sent
    110301286 receive buffer errors
    0 send buffer errors
    423 invalid SYN cookies received
    693 packets pruned from receive queue because of socket buffer overrun
    19 packets pruned from receive queue
    11309370 TCP sockets finished time wait in fast timer
    106 packets rejects in established connections because of timestamp
    10210477 delayed acks sent
    20811 delayed acks further delayed because of locked socket
    Quick ack mode was activated 8856 times
    17118697 packets directly queued to recvmsg prequeue.
    301717551 bytes directly in process context from backlog
    152118951904 bytes directly received in process context from prequeue
    104771733 packet headers predicted
    15179703 packets header predicted and directly queued to user
    218747377 acknowledgments not containing data payload received
    102637644 predicted acknowledgments
    7293 times recovered from packet loss by selective acknowledgements
    Detected reordering 40 times using FACK
    Detected reordering 27 times using SACK
    Detected reordering 1088 times using time stamp
    476 congestion windows fully recovered without slow start
    5287 congestion windows partially recovered using Hoe heuristic
    236 congestion windows recovered without slow start by DSACK
    151673 congestion windows recovered without slow start after partial ack
    1 timeouts after reno fast retransmit
    4 timeouts after SACK recovery
    10540 timeouts in loss state
    7232 fast retransmits
    649 forward retransmits
    1871 retransmits in slow start
    11612658 other TCP timeouts
    TCPLossProbes: 93185
    TCPLossProbeRecovery: 14667
    2431 packets collapsed in receive queue due to low socket buffer
    8814 DSACKs sent for old packets
    3350 DSACKs received
    1 DSACKs for out of order packets received
    90851 connections reset due to unexpected data
    214 connections reset due to early user close
    352 connections aborted due to timeout
    TCPDSACKIgnoredNoUndo: 1571
    TCPSpuriousRTOs: 7
    TCPSackShifted: 94
    TCPSackMerged: 131
    TCPSackShiftFallback: 21183
    TCPTimeWaitOverflow: 1876775
    TCPRcvCoalesce: 15711184
    TCPOFOQueue: 3194
    TCPChallengeACK: 2337394
    TCPSYNChallenge: 13608
    TCPSpuriousRtxHostQueues: 1982796
    InBcastPkts: 46443933
    InOctets: 44312451521655
    OutOctets: 1915626725817
    InBcastOctets: 6827280595

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    1146976531 packet receive errors
    110301286 receive buffer errors

于是,当然首先是看linux man page。结果netstat的man手册里居然没有这些字段的介绍。
跟住,问google。没想到,答案就是netstat -s的输出并没有准确的文档(pooly documented)。
简单地说,回贴人告诉他,“别用netstat,而是用nstat和ip tools”“这是个不可能的任务,除非看完成吨源代码”。
blablabla …

    1146976531 packet receive errors

这一句对应关于UDP的一个RFC标准的文档 中定义的字段 udpInErrors。

“The number of received UDP datagrams that could not be
delivered for reasons other than the lack of an application
at the destination port.”


    110301286 receive buffer errors

这一行对应 nstat -a -z (下文会再提到nstat)输出中的 UdpRcvbufErrors 字段。我没有找到RFC关于UdpRcvbufErrors字段的定义。
IBM官网上有个网页简单介绍了UdpRcvbufErrors: Number of UDP buffer receive errors. (UDP的缓冲收到错误的次数)。
再结合这篇文章: 为何udp会被丢弃Why do UDP packets get dropped。我非常有信心的认为 UdpRcvbufErrors 表示的是操作系统的内核tcp栈给udp socket分配的缓冲出错(缓冲满)的次数。至于网卡自己的缓冲,和操作系统的缓冲是两回事。网卡的缓冲出错不会被计入这个计数。udp经过的路由的丢包数当然只能够查看对应的路由器的统计数据了。

另外,因为netstat已经被废弃,不建议使用。而是用 nstat 和 ss 这两个新命令代替。
nstat的输出相当于netstat -s的输出。但nstat会输出比netstat -s更多的字段信息,且绝大多数字段名对应到RFC标准中用的字段名。


Why do UDP packets get dropped:

traceroute failed.Specify protocal traceroute used manually to fix it.

Today, I ran the traceroute program on a machine running FreeBSD. It failed once and again.

Traceroute complained:

traceroute: sendto: Permission denied.

So I tried to ping. Ping failed, too. I then checked out the configuration of the firewall, which actually denied the pass through of ICMP packet. So I set it to allow ICMP pacakges to pass through the firewall. Ping worked as I expected. But traceroute still failed.

I was very confused, I tried to run the tcpdump to find out why. Tcpdump showed that traceroute was sending UDP packet. Oh, my gosh. I had always thought traceroute was implemented on ICMP. After I read the tcpdump manpage. I found traceroute default on using udp protocal, but user can switch to use icmp by indicating the -M icmp or -I(The capitalized i). Alternatively, you can also command traceroute to use raw packet of specified protocol for tracerouting by specifying -P(beware P is capitalized). When you use raw packet, the default protocol is 253 (rfc3692). So, I ran traceroute using the command as: traceroute -P ICMP, everything worked fine.